For Reviewers

Peer review is a crucial aspect of the publishing process at Global Research Syndicate House (GRSH), ensuring the utmost quality of our publications. Each manuscript undergoes a rigorous and comprehensive peer-review by distinguished experts.

Upon submission, the Managing Editor conducts a preliminary technical check. An appropriate academic editor is then alerted to review the submission and suggest potential reviewers. This academic editor has the authority to advance the manuscript to peer review, recommend revisions, or reject it outright. If the manuscript proceeds to peer review, the Editorial Office coordinates the process, securing at least two independent expert reviews per manuscript. Based on these reviews, we often request further revisions, possibly involving a second round of peer review, before reaching a final decision. This decision is typically made by an academic editor, such as the Editor-in-Chief, a member of the Editorial Board, or a Guest Editor for Special Issues. Once accepted, manuscripts undergo internal copy-editing and English editing.