For Editors

Open Access at Global Research Syndicate House (GRSH) ensures that published materials are available to everyone for free immediately after publication. This approach provides researchers, students, and the general public worldwide instant access to the latest discoveries in our journals. All GRSH content is distributed under a Creative Commons open access license.

We sustain our publishing operations through article processing charges (APC) paid by authors and their supporting institutions. These charges cover the expenses of managing the peer review process, professional copy-editing, and promoting the published research. GRSH relies solely on APCs as its source of income.

For authors, open access translates to a broader audience for their work, potentially increasing the citation and impact of their research.

At GRSH, we are committed to providing excellent value through open access. Our cost per article is significantly lower compared to traditional subscription-based publishers, offering a cost-effective solution for researchers and funding bodies. Open access ensures that outcomes are widely accessible, promoting transparency for those who fund research and providing taxpayers—who indirectly finance much of this research—a clear view of the outcomes they support.