For Authors

Global Research Syndicate House (GRSH) is a leader in publishing scholarly open access journals. We maintain a peer-reviewed, swift, and thorough process for manuscript handling and editorial decision-making.

Our journals provide an ideal platform for publishing your work under an open access license, ensuring a quick and efficient process. Indexed in leading databases, our journals enjoy widespread readership due to their open access nature.

As a dedicated open access publisher, our mission is to make cutting-edge research available to everyone, everywhere. We cater to scholars from diverse backgrounds globally. By fostering journals that reflect this diversity and inclusivity, we deepen our understanding of the research communities we serve. This commitment to diversity is crucial in creating a fair, inclusive work environment and upholding the openness central to our mission.

From the beginning, GRSH has thrived on the rich exchange of ideas between diverse global regions. We recognize that while we've made significant progress, there's more to do in bridging the gaps between different geographies and demographics, ensuring equal opportunities regardless of race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, nationality, physical ability, or economic background. We stand firm against discrimination in all forms.